Soldier’s Stories

Below are just a few of the real stories from the people we are helping, in their own words. If you would like to donate to fishing for heroes please click here for more information.

 Bryan’s Story

I was put forward for the fishing for heroes fly fishing course by my welfare officer. I had been diagnosed PTSD in 2011, almost forty years after I came out of the Army. With F4H I really didn’t know what to expect, although Tom had done a pretty good job of reassuring me on the phone, I was still very nervous. Continue Reading →

 Jason’s Story

My name is Jason, I am a veteran and I served 6 years with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, starting with 3rd Battalion and later after amalgamation the new 1st Battalion. I have seen active service in Bosnia. On release from the military my life started to go downhill fast, which led to my marriage dissolving and I didn’t know what was happening to me and couldn’t explain it. My … Continue Reading →

C’s Story

It is only 8 months since I came across Fishing For Heroes and in that time my life has changed immeasurably. The initial training was first class and the continued support has been extremely encouraging. I find fishing both restful and exciting in one and can lose myself for hours on the water’s edge. It gives me something to look forward to and makes the times I am not fishing pleasurable. … Continue Reading →

Ken C

Hi, my name is Ken, I’m a 55 year old Falklands Vet who has Combat Realated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or CR-PTSD. What’s my story? It’s the same as far too many others and those looking at this site already know it, or a personal version of it. I came across Fishing for Heroes in September 2009. Fishing For Heroes is not so much about what PTSD is, but more … Continue Reading →

Lofty: my story

After 15 years of service I left the forces in 2005, armourer by trade, id specialised in EOD. I’d had various detachments and visited many parts of the world. In 2003 I part in OP TELIC, I only spent 5 months in theatre, but after about a month I was involved in an incident after about a month there near the border at Safwan. After about 5 months I left … Continue Reading →