What We Do

Fishing for Heroes provides fully expensed fly fishing instruction as part of a therapy package for veterans and serving personnel who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, combat fatigue, or any other emotional or psychological problem relating to them having been involved in active service. 

Any service man, woman or veteran from any of the three armed forces of either sex, can apply for help at any time – PTSD can often take many years to manifest itself.  Although the current campaigns are foremost in people’s minds, any veteran from any era or conflict is eligible to apply.  Currently many of these veterans are being missed by the mainline services, and although they may have no physical or visible disability they are suffering – some of them are quite severely incapacitated.  Every veteran who is suffering mentally – is one too many.  We want to help, so if you are a veteran suffering with PTSD, or if you know a veteran  for who we might be able to make a difference, please contact us.

Clinical research carried out by the Universities of Utah, South Maine and Salt lake City VA has concluded that with just a short 3 day fly fishing course the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress are reduced by 20%  http://www.riversofrecovery.org/research-results/.

After an initial course, we can introduce them to a mentor in order to establish a bridge back into society via the game fishing community. We help and support through continued contact and organising group fishing events, which not only reduces any feeling of isolation but helps to maintain skills which have been learnt previously.